Salem Township Arbor Hills Landfill Information

Salem Township Arbor Hills Landfill Information

at upcoming Arbor Hills Community Advisory Group meeting (for Advanced Disposal)
January 25 at 7pm

In February 2017, Advanced Disposal acquired the system that collects and controls landfill gas from Arbor Hills Landfill. Since, Advanced Disposal has been working on upgrading this system both to remediate odors near the landfill and to create a more efficient source of renewable energy via the onsite gas-to-energy plant.

The presentation will feature Weaver Consulting Group, an industry-leading expert in landfill gas management. It will include information on important upgrades made in 2017, and further enhancements to take place in 2018.

The presentation will take place Thursday, January 25 at 7pm at Hilton Garden Inn, 14600 N. Sheldon Road in Plymouth. See link below if you are interested in attending.

The Arbor Hills Community Advisory Group is a group of neighbors and environmental professionals from Washtenaw and Wayne counties that serves as a advisory body to Advanced Disposal. It has met monthly since October 2017. To learn more about it, visit Residents interested in becoming a member of the advisory group can call Arbor Hills at (248) 504-2513.

Arbor Hill Landfill Update as of 9/15/2017

This information came to us on September 13, 2017, from the MDEQ. Please read information as provided and for any questions and visit

Advanced Disposal

Gas-To-Energy Plant Maintenance Scheduled at Arbor Hill
(Monday, Sept. 18 — Friday, Sept. 22)

Advanced Disposal has been informed that, at the request of the energy utility, the landfill gas-to-energy plant connected to Arbor Hills Landfill will be offline beginning the morning of Monday, Sept. 18, until the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 22. Flares will be operational during this plant downtime to abate odors. Still, there is an increased possibility of offsite odors being detected while the plant is offline. Please know we will do our best do remediate odors during this period.

For information on Arbor Hills, construction projects to enhance the landfill, and to contact us, please visit

Arbor Hill Landfill Update as of 8/28/2017

The MDEQ has provided the Township with a current report on the Arbor Hills Landfill which will assist residents, and those attending the special board meeting on September 6 2017. Click Here for the MDEQ communication status update. Click Here for an Action Summary provided by the MDEQ on September 6, 2017.

Arbor Hill Landfill Update as of 5/15/2017

Northville Township, through the efforts of Township Supervisor Robert Nix, Treasurer Marjorie Banner and Trustee Fred Shadko, and the Township staff, continues to seek resolution of the following problems created by the Arbor Hills Landfill: (1) Proposed landfill expansion, (2) Continued release of noxious odors, and (3) Truck traffic. These efforts have included multiple meetings with the Michigan DEQ, US EPA, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties, Advanced Disposal, BFI/Republic and Township residents. Significant progress has been made and the following is an update on these matters:

Washtenaw Solid Waste Plan and landfill expansion. Township Treasurer Marjorie Banner and Trustee Fred Shadko continue to attend the Washtenaw County Solid Waste Planning Committee’s monthly meetings. In addition to the Township’s position paper, we have submitted written comments and suggestions to the Planning Committee and which have been incorporated in the current plan draft. The current plan draft has been released by the WCSW Planning committee for the required 90 day public comment period, which should be completed by the beginning of September. Thereafter it will be submitted to the municipalities in Washtenaw County and the State for approval.

As requested by Northville Township, the draft Plan does not permit the siting of an expansion of the existing Arbor Hills landfill. This siting limitation would be in force for the life of the plan, unless formally amended. Any amendment to the plan would require restarting the entire approval process. We will continue to attend the meetings, monitor the plan, and follow up with the Planning Committee.

Transfer of Gas Collection System to Advanced Disposal. Responsibility for the gas collection system has been transferred by BFI/ Republic to Advanced Disposal, and Advanced is making improvements to the system including installation of a new flare on the north side of the landfill to burn off gases to eliminate odors, additional gas wells, transfer and collection lines etc. This transfer should provide better accountability for the operation of the landfill.

Reporting Landfill Odors. During the last 12 months there have been over 500 occurrences reported by residents. Each time odors are reported, Township representatives engage DEQ and EPA as appropriate. To assist our efforts, we strongly encourage all residents to continue to report incidents of noxious gases in their neighborhoods and along the roads. For an incident to be logged by DEQ, you must use email (, conventional mail or telephone calls, Hotline Number: 248-305-8432. Twitter complaints do not get logged. Advanced Disposal also has a website for the reporting of odors and issues:

Monitoring of Noxious Gas problems. Township Supervisor Robert Nix has insisted that a neutral third party be engaged by the DEQ to monitor odors in the adjacent neighborhoods, and monitor methane and sulfur dioxide within the landfill. As a result, Advanced Disposal-funded monitoring data are being reported to the DEQ.

EPA and DEQ Enforcement and Remediation Actions. Township Supervisor Robert Nix has been very active with State and Federal authorities. On December 27 he met with EPA District Director Ed Nam and took him on a tour of the affected area. He has also been following up with the EPA’s Nathan Frank. Supervisor Nix has requested that EPA issue an enforcement order to insure the necessary correction action is taken to eliminate the release of odors into the community. The Supervisor has also continued to meet with the State’s DEQ officials, including Scott Miller and Larry Bean, to obtain similar enforcement action. On May 4, 2017, the EPA released an Administrative Consent Order which requires Advanced Disposal to implement a Corrective Action Plan to cure the violation notices issued by the EPA. The construction of improvements to the gas collection system to eliminate escaping odors and other required improvements are underway. Some improvements have been completed and others should be completed by year end. These activities have reduced the frequency of odor complaints. The Township will continue to monitor these activities.

Truck Traffic. At the request of Supervisor Nix, Advanced Disposal and GFL agreed to route their trucks along Five Mile Road instead of northern Napier and Six Mile Roads. Supervisor Nix obtained the consent of Wayne County to issue Traffic Control Orders which prohibit through truck traffic on Napier Road between Eight and Six mile roads and on Six mile road between Ridge and Napier roads. This action was taken to eliminate the dangerous conditions, noise, dust and destruction of the roads caused by the heavy truck traffic. These orders are being enforced by the Township.

We will continue to provide periodic status reports.

Northville Township Supervisor Robert Nix, Treasurer Marjorie Banner, Trustee Fred Shadko.

Additional Information:

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Arbor Hills Landfill Update

The information below includes a link to the newly created Michigan Department of Environmental Quality web-site dedicated to the Arbor Hills Landfill. Also included are several reports on air quality and the status of the construction work on the gas recovery system. You may contact the Township directly at 248-662-0495 or by email at if you have further questions.

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